October “Toby” Daye was in many ways my first “real” protagonist. She was complicated, she was sad, she was bruised and refusing to break, and she was not afraid to put her duty ahead of her desire to be liked. She bullied her way through the world she was created to inhabit, looking at every complication that stood in her way and saying “No, you move.” After a lifetime spent moving dolls through stories, it was like I finally had a real person to follow and document. I started writing her adventures, and sending them out to people I trusted to read and review. Midway through either the second or the third book—I don’t remember anymore—I got a note from one of my proofers saying “You can’t have Toby do this, she’s always been a little bitchy, but this makes her a total bitch. No one will like her if she does this.”

I panicked. I couldn’t write a series about an unlikeable character! I’d never get published, no one else would ever meet my imaginary friends, and everything I’d worked for my whole life would be over, all because Toby was unlikeable.

Then I took a deep breath, and wrote back to the proofer requesting that they do a find/replace on the .doc, and plug in the name “Harry Dresden” for every instance of “October Daye.” They did, and lo and behold, what had been “bitchy” and “inappropriate” was suddenly “bold” and “assertive.” A male character in the same situation, with the same background, taking the same actions, was completely in the right, justified, and draped with glory. He was a hero. Toby? Toby was an unlikeable bitch.

The proofer withdrew the compliant. I have never forgotten it.

Robbie Williams calls Nigel Martin Smith a First Class Cunt →



I try not to bash people on tumblr, but honestly, Nigel Martin-Smith is a disgusting, vile human.

Its also funny cause he didn't even recognize him until he said he was "little Forest" in Forest Gump so that's what he was calling him apparently. And then Haley had to go up and give some speech while stoned they were both just awkwardly laughing out loud the whole time. I kinda wish I was there lol. Good to know it's just a movie costume though!

That sounds awesome! Hahaha.

And yeah, I’m glad I was told about the costume because I hate spreading false info.

But in all honesty, I only reblogged it because he looks exactly like my brother’s friend.

Have a nice night!




HE’S 26


"Osment made headlines last week when he was seen after a shocking movie makeover, playing a greasy-looking Canadian Nazi sympathizer in the upcoming movie Yoga Hosers, which is the sequel to this month’s drama Tusk”

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Haley joel osment omg. Honestly hes probably been on drugs. About 10 years ago, when my boyfriend was in high school, he was at disney doing some performance for his school. I guess haley was there for some sort of promotional thing as well. Anyway my boyfriend was off getting high somewhere and haley started talking to him and long story short they hung out getting high for a couple hours. I have no idea if HJO still does drugs (my boyfriend doesnt), but that could explain why he looks a mess.


Sora was gettin high



HE’S 26





you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you

my icon is literally me

same, babe




God bless Robbie Williams

Thank you Robert




God bless Robbie Williams

Thank you Robert

Kait’s Fic Recs!


House and Wilson:

Words: 14k

Summary: Wilson makes the ultimate sacrifice for House.

Warnings: Smut, Tritter-era angst.

Words: 46k in 8 parts

Summary: Wilson goes missing… for a year.

Warnings: Drama, angst.

Words: 8k

Summary: Wilson’s friendship with House is slipping away.

Warnings: Smut, technical Dominika/House.

Words: 1k

Summary: Wilson has a tough day, and House decides to listen.

Warnings: None.

Words: 13k in 2 parts

Summary: Christmas, ringtones, Jell-o shots, and a bouncy castle.

Warnings: Smut, language.

Words: 4k

Summary: Discussions of Danny, Amber, love, and pancakes.

Warnings: None.

Words: 90.5 k in 8 separate stories (recommend reading them in the order above)

Summary: Wilson is a vampire, and of course House finds out. Shenanigans ensue as Wilson tries to reconcile human life with vampire life.

Warnings: AU, eventual slash.

Moriarty and Moran:

Words: 3.5k

Summary: Sebastian gets hired and moves in with Jim.

Warnings: Violence.

Words: 12k

Summary: Alpha/Beta/Omega AU.

Warnings: Violence, smut, alpha/beta/omega dynamics.

WB!Verse Holmes and Watson:

Words: 16k

Summary: Watson is attacked and loses his memory.

Warnings: Eventual smut, mega angst, hurt/comfort.

BBC!Verse Sherlock and John:

Words: 2k

Summary: Sherlock collects hearts.

Warnings: Metaphorical and mildly disturbing vore.

Words: 2.5k

Summary: Sherlock and John go on a road trip with Lestrade.

Warnings: None.

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark:

Words: 3k

Summary: Bruce does some “research” in Tony’s lab.

Warnings: BDSM.

Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling:

Words: 5.5k in 5 parts

Summary: He hoped she would not say “I love you” tonight.

Warnings: Smut.

Words: 23k in 6 parts

Summary: Clarice assists in the capture of Hannibal, then plots his release.

Warnings: Smut.

Words: 7k

Summary: A rude stranger insults Clarice on Valentines’ Day, but Hannibal is determined not to let it spoil Clarice’s mood.

Warnings: Mildly OOC dialogue, smut.

Kirk and Spock:

Words: 50k
Summary: A catalogue of every hug shared between Kirk and Spock, beginning with the unintentional first one and ending with the emotional final one. Written (surprisingly well) from Spock’s point of view.
Warnings: Angst, mild smut.
Words: 4k
Summary: The last thing Spock remembered was the mission going horribly wrong.
Warnings: Character death.
Words: 28k
Summary: Spock and Jim form a bond as children, although they soon find themselves separated by distance, time, and the bonds of tradition.
Warnings: Mild smut.
Words: 19k
Summary: Kirk and Spock get de-aged and Bones has to spend the day playing with them while the crew searches for a solution.
Warnings: None. Hella fluffy. Words: 1.3k
Summary: Fluffy, domestic fic about pancake-making and lazy morning-sex.
Warnings: Mild smut. Words: 60k
Summary: Old-age, established relationship. Spock falls ill and is unable to enter a healing trance while in the hospital. Jim examines the meanings of bonds. Bones comforts them both.
Warnings: Hurt/comfort, angst.

Bond and Silva:

Words: 1.5k

Summary: “Not rats. Not any more. Something better. Something with fangs.”

Warnings: None.

Words: 1.5k

Summary: Short oneshot about how Silva engineered his escape from M.

Warnings: Mild smut.

Words: 20k
Summary: Tiago Rodriguez once knew James Bond very well. Time and circumstance changed that simple truth.
Warnings: Smut, noncon (although not 00/Silva), torture, psychological trauma.